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What You Must Know About How Restaurants Are Being Rated

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We view restaurants as a place to eat. Then again, while restaurant chef, owners, and the management itself consider the customers as their main source of revenue for their business, these restaurants still want the high rating that some connoisseurs of restaurant give. How do you rate restaurants? In fact, how do you choose restaurants? What makes you try out some restaurants and what makes you go back to dining in the same restaurant?

Different restaurants give importance to what and how customers perceive them, and more importantly how some websites on the internet mark or rate their service, food, and ambiance. One example of such online restaurant rating is Mobil. Mobile rates restaurants by setting their own criteria and expectation. These criteria are all meant to help the restaurant itself make the improvement by viewing these criteria, comments and feedback in a positive manner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what Mobil’s rating say should be followed. Instead these comments should be viewed in such a manner that would help in making the restaurant better by giving their customers a better ambiance, food, presentation, and taste. Good food is easy to find. In fact, more often than not, these restaurants always give good, tasty food that people would keep coming back to. What restaurants should remember, it is not only on food alone that a restaurant can live by.

These ratings from Mobil are as follows: a Mobil One Star rating would mean that the restaurant has a distinct local flair and flavour. Culinary specialty is what attracts the diners to keep coming back to this place. Mobile Two Star rating, on the other hand, is about efficient service plus fresh food served on your table. This rating includes family and friendliness in the type of service that they offer to their customers. Mobile Three Star rating is all about service, décor, and cleanliness. This criterion focuses more on the important factors that make a restaurant frequently visited. Mobile Four Star rating is professional all the way, from service, to food presentation, and the ambiance of the place. While a Mobile Five Star rating is exceptional in every criteria set by Mobil.

While these rating, criteria, and categories are all set and created by the online website owners, it does not make or break any restaurant at all. In fact, some restaurant owners reach out and make it an enjoyable experience for Mobil and its’ crew to give them a sampling of their type of specialty. The advantage of having an online website like this is to give newcomers or visitors to a locality a wider choice of places and restaurants to eat and dine in. With their star rating and helpful comments, they are able to give website visitors a glimpse of possible expectations, and at the same time, to make their own feedback and share these comments on the website. The more feedback, remarks, and observations will certainly help these restaurants in improving their service, the place, and most especially the specialty and types of food that they serve to their patrons.

Restaurants and Food